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Photo ball Pro is a hardened clear crystal sphere used for photography purposes. Because of its spherical effect it shows you a 180° degree view of your surroundings creating a mind-blowing visual effect.

Photo Ball is made from K9 crystal: A lens-grade, optically clear crystal mostly used in optics and lenses, giving you the sharpest possible image. It is definitely a must have photography accessory for both professional photographers and amateur smart phone camera users!


Instructions for Smart Phone Users:

Stand close to your subjects. Everything in the Photo ball appears to be much further away than it actually is in real life. If your smartphone has a second telephoto lens, use it to create a blurred background, it looks great! Practice by going out there and play around with compositions, you’d be surprised at how amazing quite ordinary sights can appear through the Photo ball. Keep your Photo ball fingerprint-free using your microfiber pouch, keep your Photo ball away from direct sunlight and avoid bringing the Photo ball close to your eyes. 

Instructions for DSLR Camera Users:

If you want the entire Photo ball to be in focus, you will have to go a bit higher in aperture (f5-9), this takes some getting used to. Additionally, stand closer to your subject than you would normally, everything in the Photo ball appears to be much further away than it is in real life because of the super wide angle. Keep in mind that, depending on the look you are after, you might want to switch up your focal length and depth-of-field. Avoid reflections by keeping the Photo ball fingerprint-free and optionally use a polarising filter to avoid any glaring. Last, make sure to keep your Photo ball away from direct sunlight and avoid bringing the Photo ball close to your eyes. 


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